What is Innovate Queen's all about?

Founded in 2015, Innovate Queen's started off as a regular gathering of the entrepreneurially curious who got together to watch and discuss Y Combinator's How to Start a Startup series. Later we started bringing in speakers to share their stories, best practices, and advice.

How can we help you?

Now we're continuing to spark conversations around entrepreneurship for students interested in entrepreneurship to learn, grow, and create together. We are a growing community of 1000+ students and we certainly welcome all students from different backgrounds. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or someone who is interested but do not know where to start, we welcome you to Innovate Queen’s. Here are some of our services:


join our growing Facebook and Slack group and meet like-minded individuals.


We provide you with a single hub for all internal and external events and opportunities around innovation and entrepreneurship.


We can connect you with our previous members who have pursued careers in innovation and entrepreneurship.

We help students discover exciting opportunities.

At Innovate you'll find driven individuals who have gone on to start organizations on campus, join accelerators, start businesses, work in industry, and inspire others to do the same.

Hear from our past members.

Innovate Queen's fundamentally changed my trajectory by offering me, unparalleled exposure to resources beyond the realm of traditional education. The connections I made and the inspiration from this organization have been invaluable.

Chris Jones, Cansbridge 18’, LOUD Founder

Innovate Queen's is the place to share great and not so great ideas. It's a place to learn and collab with others who want to make a dent in this world. I got a ton from engaging with Innovate and looking back it was one of the best decisions I made in university.

Alex Jin, Product Manager @ Dropbox

Innovate Queen’s was one of my favourite clubs that I was a part of at Queen’s! I enjoyed meeting like minded innovative thinkers across different programs at Queen’s and the guest speakers shared great insights on their experiences. It also opened up new opportunities and new perspectives.

Newton Zheng, NEXT 36 ’19

Connect and learn at Innovate Queen's events.

We bring in a wide range of speakers to share their knowledge and their stories. Some of our past speakers include founders of business at various stages, executives, photographers, social media influencers, and student entrepreneurs.

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